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Here's how we can help kick start your career in ag


With the objective of connecting youth in agriculture, Future Farmers Network also recognises its role in acting on behalf of all its members as the collective voice of agriculture’s future. FFN’s membership of the National Farmers’ Federation (NFF) and the World Farmers’ Organisation (WFO) ensures that we have the ability to advocate for youth in Australian agriculture and agribusiness on the national and international stage. Click to read more

Ag Events

FFN provides relevant and specific youth events for young people in the Agriculture sector. Unique events such as Young Beef Producers Forum and Youth Ag Council provide open forums for young people to communicate their aspirations and network with industry leaders. Click to read more

Agricultural Information

FFN value education and training as critical to the continued success of Australian agriculture. We recognise that education takes many forms and is committed to providing its members with information and access to the best opportunities available to help them achieve their goals and strengthen the industry.

FFN seeks to support its members with education opportunities through its strategic partnerships and is committed to the on-going, whole career development of Australia’s agriculture workforce.

Bursaries & Study Grants

FFN ensures that our members have to access to education and training opportunities regardless of where they are based. We understand that sometimes this can come at a significant financial cost and therefore we assist members by offering them Travel & Training bursaries valued at $500.00. With access to bursaries our members have travelled nationally and internationally to undertake course and attend conferences and events that benefit them personally and professionally. Click to read more

Industry Networks & Forums

We ensure that our members have to access to Industry Networks & Forums regardless of where they are based. We understand that it takes time and effort to stay on top of relevant events in your area, which is why we provide weekly updates of the most important youth focused Agricultural events that are on near you. Get the Weekly Top 5 for up-to-date industry network and forum opportunities. Become a member

Regional Support

FFN supports Industry Youth Groups and organisations through partnering with them and their educational conferences. We have supported these events and groups because they had a focus on skill development and networking opportunities for young people working in the industry. These events provide young people with real tangible skills they could then incorporate into their current or future jobs. Click to read more

Scholarship Opportunities

We ensure young people have the best chance at pursuing their professional and personal goals. In addition to our Travel & Training bursaries and Study grants there is a myriad of support for passionate and dedicated young people looking to begin or progress their career in agriculture. We understand that sometimes it is difficult to know where to look so we’re here to help! Click to read more

Work Experience

The Future Farmers Network is currently considering the feedback and suggestions that we’re receiving from members, industry and other youth networks about how we can bridge the rural-urban divide and match enthusiastic people with graziers, farmers, growers and agriculture organisations to provide work experience, tours, visits and potentially employment. Click to read more