What’s it all about?

The Young Carbon Farmers project is about helping you, the next generation of farmers, to find the way forward through the maze of information about greenhouse gas emissions in agriculture, climate change and adaptation options and to explore practical strategies.

Not a week goes by without climate change, extreme weather, carbon taxes, or emission reductions hitting the headlines, and experts arguing over the details.

But what does it all mean for you and agribusiness…in a real and meaningful way?

Just about everyone who works in Australian agriculture is clear about one thing: Our climate is extremely variable.

Climate variability is already having huge impacts on agriculture, and those impacts – economic and social as well as physical – are predicted to increase in the future.

Dealing with that variability – and the reality of further climate change ahead of us – is part of farming in Australia.

The good news: many of the climate adaptation options for agriculture are consistent with best management practices and good natural resource management. Many of them don’t require radical changes, at least not in the short term.

We’re showcasing cutting edge research, and demonstrating the real and measurable effects that best practice land management can have on reducing emissions, improving farm sustainability and reducing the risks that come with extreme climate variability.

Check out Carbon Farming for more information on greenhouse emissions and agriculture, as well as the YCF Resources for key presentations from our experts and six great Case Studies.

Young Carbon Farmers is part of the Commonwealth Government’s Carbon Farming Futures Program. For more information see http://www.daff.gov.au/climatechange/carbonfarmingfutures

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