Meet Zach Jobson, a recent recipient of a Future Farmers Network travel and training bursary.

Zach attended Angus Youth National Roundup, one of the premier events for young beef cattle enthusiasts in Australia, thanks to Future Farmers Networks investment in young people in the Ag industry.

Future Farmers Network (FFN) wants to support over 1,000 young farmers by the end of 2017.

To achieve this goal we need your help.

Recipients of your investment will be young people like Zach, who continually want to remain informed and educated to ensure the success of the Agriculture industry remains on the up.

“Attending events like the Roundup play a very important role in developing young people. Not only do they build confidence with animals and an understanding and interest in agriculture as a career, they also provide excellent opportunities for personal development and increasing self-confidence through junior judging competitions and public speaking as well as the opportunity to make lifelong friends of all ages,” Zach said.

An industry that feeds and clothes you is an industry worth fighting for. To back the future of Australian Agriculture, visit,

Your investment will go towards travel bursaries, education scholarships, supporting regional events for young people and ensuring the voice of young people in Ag is heard around Australia.