Ag Events

Young Beef Producers’ Forum (YBPF) 2017

The YBPF is a two-day conference focused on providing educational, networking and capacity building opportunities for u40 year old’s with an interest in the beef industry.

Now in its thirteenth year, the YBPF is of the highest quality, inspiring, engaging and life changing – equipping young beef producers to make a difference in all aspects of their lives, including on-farm, off-farm, family, personal and business related areas.

Last year’s theme was “Profit Focused Production” and it was developed for young producers, by young producers. With the guidance of a steering committee sharing their perspectives and ideas this event has been coordinated by the Future Farmers Network. FFN will once again deliver the YBPF in 2017. This event continues to grow with a record 250 young beef producers, agribusiness professionals and industry representatives converging on Roma for an engaging, educational event covering all aspects of the beef industry.

Youth Agricultural Council (YAC)

Held off in 2016 due to the Australian election campaign and a competing RIRDC event (of which Westpac was also a major partner), YAC is planned to get ahead in 2017. FFN is working with a number of past involved partners for YAC and other interested parties to continually improve the event as a follow on of the last one held.

Youth Ag Council is an open forum for young people in Agriculture to communicate their aspirations for policy change directly to the Federal Government. FFN then champions the actions from Youth Ag Council, keeping its community up to date on policy progress.

YAC is a time young people in Australian agriculture have their voice heard, especially when it comes to federal policy. The 2017 Youth Ag Council will be an opportunity for young people in Agriculture to make a real difference, and FFN will deliver the event effectively and efficiently.