We are passionate about what we do

Our promise is simple

We are a not-for-profit organisation, and an incorporated company limited by guarantee. We are focused on building the engagement and network of those aged 18 to 35 years in agriculture.

Future Farmers Network Board of Directors currently consists of ten young people in rural industries aged under 35 years of age.

Our values are unique

We aim to empower, support and retain young people in Australian agriculture.

FFN is the only national independent organisation providing opportunities and services to support the future of Australian agriculture.

Our history is important

In November 2001, founder of FFN, Deb McLucas, decided to do something about the widespread concern she had seen expressed for the future of young people in the rural industries. As a result FFN was established in 2002, with the belief that it is not a shortage of young people in the rural industries, but a shortage of identified and communicated opportunities that is the major problem.

Our success stories

  • Successfully completed the ‘Should I Stay or Should I Go?’ project to improve young people’s connection with peak rural groups and provide a forum for increased discussion between young people in rural industries.
  • The ‘Building Our Rural Futures’ project – a trial of a career mapping service to provide members with information about career and training options in rural industries.
  • Initiated and delivered the ‘Think Big’ interactive workshop for young South Australian farmers on the topics of agricultural value chains and marketing in agriculture.
  • Facilitated the ‘Youth Forum’ to brainstorm methods of attracting young people to rangeland industries, including research, extension and rural sectors, at the Australian Rangeland Society 2008 Conference.
  • Hosted the inaugural Future Farmers Week, with participation of over 400 young people in rural industries, increasing the leadership skills and experience of approx 20 young event hosts.
  • Awarded six scholarships to members (valued in excess of $15,000) to enable them to attend a range training and educational opportunities.
  • Hosted ‘Youth Agricultural Central’ Australia’s first rural, regional and state based youth groups forum developing collaborative approaches to meet the needs for the industries next gen.