About Us

Future Farmers Network is a non-for-profit organisation that focuses on youth in agriculture.

Our membership base consists of young persons in agriculture aged between 18 to 35 years, with members being from diversified agricultural backgrounds across the nation.

FFN’s board is reflective of the organisation’s mission and membership base, being a directorship group all under 35 years. Each board member is actively engaged and working in the agricultural sector, ranging in areas from corporate agribusiness to broad acre farming. This means that the organisation’s direction, through its Board, remains aligned and engaged with the real and fluid issues and needs faced by FFN’s membership base.

FFN has fantastic partnerships, and it continuously works with its partners to deliver services and benefits to its members. FFN understands that, in this day and age, its members are time poor and face certain restrictions in accessing events and opportunities due to the sheer size of the country. As such, FFN is mindful to provide its members with a large range of online services, which allows our members to overcome these obstacles.

Our members have access to online educational tools, a weekly online newsletter tailored to its membership base, access to online mentoring from esteemed professionals across a varying range of agricultural sectors, as well as bursary and scholarship opportunities to financially assist its members in empowering and furthering their careers.

FFN also delivers monthly networking events in varying regional locations with a host of key industry speakers. More information with regards to FFN’s Events, past and upcoming, are available here.

Most predominantly, FFN holds its annual flagship event, the Young Beef Producers Forum, in Roma each November. The program runs for two days, and is an interactive program which includes an impressive line-up of key speakers. We would encourage our members to visit the Young Beef Producers Website to keep up to date with information about this year’s event, and to register your place to attend. The event is not only a fantastic intensive educational opportunity available to FFN’s members to learn from a variety of speakers, but also invaluable chance to meet and network with peers and colleagues in the beef industry.”