Case Studies

View the case studies showcasing how Australian producers are successfully using best management practices to reduce the impact of climate variability, reduce their greenhouse gas emissions and improve productivity.

DOWNLOAD: Keeping trees in the ground means dollars for farmers

Properties: Oakvale and Killawarra & Buckaroo

Location: Coolabah/Bourke, NSW

Property areas: 15,000 and 20,000 hectares

Enterprises: Sheep and cattle


DOWNLOAD: Buying a ‘basket case’

Property: Talaheni

Location: Murrumbateman, NSW

Property area: 250 hectares

Enterprises: Ultrafine wool, beef cattle and farm forestry


DOWNLOAD: Carbon farming: feeding additives to dairy cows  

Property: Montrose Dairy

Location: South Gippsland, VIC

Property area: 95 hectares used for dairy

Enterprises: Dairy (280 cows)


DOWNLOAD: Less can be more when it comes to nitrogen

Properties: The Cap & Leighview

Locations: Winchelsea & Inverleigh/Cressy, VIC

Property areas: 1,335 & 2,023 hectares

Enterprises: Cropping and wool


DOWNLOAD: Greenhouse spin-offs from improving farm efficiency

Properties: Royston & Bandon Grove

Location: Longreach, QLD

Property area: 15,783 hectares

Enterprise: Beef

Livestock: 1,000 breeders, total cattle numbers 1,600 head (average)


DOWNLOAD: Focus on carbon farming makes economic sense

Property: Jigsaw Farms (13 properties)

Location: Hamilton, VIC

Property area: 6,700 hectares

Enterprises: Fine wool sheep, prime lambs, beef, agroforestry

Livestock: 40,000 sheep, 30,000 lambs, 1,200 cattle and agroforestry


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